1) Combined Shipping

If you place multiple orders I will gladly combine them and refund any extra shipping charges. That includes all purchases made in the same day. The nature of the product doesn't matter. You can combine any orders - clay, resin, molds.

2) Shipping time

I try to ship out orders of ready to ship items within 3 days. Custom Orders may take up to three weeks before they ship. Please be aware that I also have a personal life. Two, soon to be three, kids are a lot to handle. Should there be a delay in shipping I will contact you and/ or announce it on my website. ETAs differ depending on the shipping method you chose. Each shipping method has a quick explanation, so you can easily decide which one to get.

3) Shipping options

There are multiple shipping options to choose from for international customers. Please be aware that shipping prices are determined by weight. Currently international standard shipping is done by "Deutsche Post Warenpost International". Due to the restricted air traffic this service comes by sea and can take up to three months. The fastest shipping method to the USA is UPS Expedited. It is said to deliver within a week, but costs more. Should you want to change a shipping option after a purchase, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm sure we can work something out.

4) Custom Orders

PLEASE NOTE: All items in my shop are made to order. Please allow at least two weeks for me to finish these pre-order molds.

Please state whether you are using epoxy or UV resin when casting. Molds for epoxy resin will come in my signature sparkly green, whereas molds for UV resin will be translucent. I will cast all molds in my signature color unless stated/ discussed otherwise. You might not be getting the exact mold/s pictured. My molds are made using a custom glitter mix, so they will look slightly different each time. Images of solid shapes are mirrored to better show the engraving.

5) Resin Crafts

First things first: ALWAYS practice proper safety precautions. Those include wearing nitril gloves and a respirator with filters for small particles (e.g. spray paint). Work in a well ventilated area. And no, a ceiling fan is not sufficiant. Resin is a chemical. Even if you are not allergic to it in the beginning, an allergy can develop over time. It is a craft not suitable for children. You can find other safety precautions online. With that said: there are tons of tutorials on Youtube. I am happy to guide any who ask, but please do some research first.

6) Mold Care

My molds are not food safe. They are not oven safe. You can clean them with a piece of tape. To elongate your molds' life use a mold release agent. Resin will deminish the amount of oil in the silicone, making your silicone mold brittle over time. You should get 20-50 castings out of a single mold without a release agent, depending on the type of resin used.