Payment / Shipping


I have had nothing but trouble with Stripe Payments. None of them went through. I had to cancel countless orders. No more. I'm really sorry folks, but PayPal only. At least until I figure out why TF Stripe's not working.


There are multiple shipping options to choose from. All are tracked.

NATIONAL (within Germany)
I currently offer one national shipping method, which is a "Maxibrief" by Deutsche Post sent with PRIO (that's where the tracking number is coming from). Depending on the size/ weight of your order I will freely change the shipping method. It will always be the cheapest TRACKED option and will come at NO additional costs on your side.

Since this whole pandemic started I had to look around for alternative shipping methods to be able to accomodate all my international customers. There is now the standard shipping method and two UPS services available.

Standard, starts at 7€: by Deutsche Post, through "Warenpost international"; due to restricted air traffic this service comes by sea and can take up to three months to arrive; delivered by most prominent postal service in the destination country.

UPS Economy, starts at 10€: by United Parcel Service; duty paid; by plane; 2-6 weeks; delivered by most prominent postal service in the destination country.

UPS Expedited, starts at 25€: by United Parcel Service; requires your phone number and your national ID (can be found on your ID card); 3-7 days. Currently only available to US customers, but I will gladly research the costs of this shipping service to your country and create a custom listing for you.

DISCLAIMER: Please opt for a more expensive shipping method during the busy holiday seasons. UPS expedited may be a bit pricey, but so far it really has delivered within a week. That way you could even get your desired items in time for Christmas.